10 things NOT to do while having Solu-medrol infusions

10 things NOT to do while having Solu-Medrol infusions

in no particular order

1. try on old clothes you found when obsessively cleaning because you either recently discovered them or you can’t sleep from all the steroids. 

I promise this will generally end in either tears, yelling, or throwing away things you’ll great throwing away in a few days.

2. visit a local bakery

I’m not sure this needs any commentary.. plus I’m busy shoving cake in my face so typing is hard. (yeah it tastes like metal, but mmm good chocolatey metal)

3. pick up the phone to call someone without looking at the clock.

they’ll either be asleep cause it’s 4 am or they’ll answer and you’ll ramble at a high speed, possibly cry randomly or get offended by an offhand comment about the last episode of your favorite TV show. Also, the likelihood neither of you will remember what happened during that call is pretty high

4. try to develop the ability to move things with your mind because you are wide awake but your body is so exhausted it can’t move (this one applies most after the second and third infusion)

Well the likelihood this will work is low (though if it does please share your methods .) And when it doesn’t work, it might end the tears and yelling described in tip 1.

5. put on your extra warm sweat pants, a hood and hide in your snuggy after just noticing your beet red face. 

if you’re anything like me you’ll be drenched in sweat with some hot flashes that put your mom’s menopause to shame. Then you’ll just have extra laundry you probably don’t have energy to do.

6 forget to put on deodorant

see above. the better you smell the nicer the nurses are.

7. Bring the favorite and most fattening food to your infusion in a strange attempt at aversion therapy. 

you’ll either be too nauseous to even attempt to eat it or you’ll be in the eat everything in sight stage and no metallic taste will ruin that food for ya.

8.Forget to bring entertainment to your infusion

Let’s face it. as nice as your neighbors may be, hours of small talk while hopped up on steroids is not ideal. Even if you knit there’s only so much talking about knitting you can do when you’re not able to knit while talking about it.

9.Watch the home shopping network drink a bout of insomnia

You really don’t need that magic bullet or a new juicer (though that TV knife really will cut through anything).

10.forget that you’re on steroids

It’s in ya for at least a week… so keep that in mind when you make big decisions and/or talk to your friends and family. Make sure to revisit those after you’ve returned to a less drugged state.